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Chunked Transfer Encoding in Python Web Applications

Chunked Transfer Encoding is a method introduced in HTTP 1.1 for sending data as a series of successive chunks. The Content-Length header is not set, therefore nor the sender nor the receiver need to know the size of the entire request beforehand. This allows the sender to start transmitting without buffering the entire request in-memory.

To tell the server that the request is being sent in chunks, the client sets the Transfer-Encoding: chunked header. The size of the chunk is then sent in the body alongside the chunk divided by a line separator, so the body of a request would look something like this.


In the above example, the size of each chunk is 7 bytes, with one character accounting for one byte.

 Reading Chunked Requests

As chunked transfer is not part of the WSGI specification, dealing with such requests is quite tricky. For example: Flask reports the...

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Hats? Global Game Jam 2015

Had such a blast at the Global Game Jam 2015 @ Northeastern University as part of Team Boulder (alongside Matt Long, Nicole Amidon, Walton Lee, Nathan Low, Sarah Zaidan, Rui Jiang). We developed a 2D side-scrolling platformer in Unity called “Hats?“.

The theme of the jam was “What do we do now?”, so we decided on a game where the abilities of the character depend on the hats which you have on your head. There is one hat for moving left, right, jumping and swimming. So there are levels where you are limited to go only to the right, only to the left, only jump and go left, etc.

You can download the game from the Global Game Jam website.


Team Boulder @ GGJ 2015 (I’m wiping my nose…)

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About Me

Kristi Nikolla is a Software Engineer at the Mass Open Cloud, where he is leading the Mix&Match team and handling all things auth. He is a major contributor to OpenStack, and a core reviewer for OpenStack Identity (Keystone).

 Open Source Contributions

  • OpenStack
    • Keystone
  • OpenStack scheduler developed during BU EC500 Cloud Computing for ChRIS, the radiology information system of the Boston Children’s Hospital.


 Various Projects

  • AuFin - Audio fingerprinting and music recognition program developed in Python for BU CS591 Computational Audio.
  • TypeInvaders - Game developed in ATS with type checking for BU CS520 Principles for Programming Languages. Inspired from Space Invaders.
  • espeak-sq - Albanian pronunciation rules for the Espek speech synthesizer.

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